Wasps: The Buzzing Nightmare

Wasps: The Buzzing Nightmare

Although wasps are known to be of great importance for the environment as well as keeping particular pests under control in the garden, they are also known to be a huge nuisance to people if they decide to build nests too close to homes and businesses.

About Wasps

There are a wide range of wasp species encountered within the United Kingdom, but it’s the Common and German wasps that are the two prevalent species most people will come across at some point in their lives. Extreme caution should be taken if a nest is discovered, where upon immediate action for wasp control should taken.

Both species construct their nests with a mix of mud and wood and usually build them in sheltered areas that have easy access to the outdoors. Typical indoor locations include garages, wall cavities and even an attic space. Outdoors, they also build nests in such places as within bushes, trees and abandoned rodent burrows.

Wasp Facts

Here are some interesting facts to keep in mind if you encounter a nest of wasps, and possible reasons why unqualified removal shouldn’t ever be considered.

1. It’s only female wasps that has a stinger and ability to sting.
2. The females protect the nest.
3. Typically, a wasp nest can house 5,000 to 10,000 or more wasps.
4. Wasp stings can be fatal for particular individuals.
5. August through to October are the months when wasps are most aggressive.

Be wary of killing wasps close to a nest as a dead or injured ones will release a scent that warns and attracts other wasps. It’s a scenario like this that could invoke wasps to sting. A similar scent is also released after a wasp stings, which then attracts wasps to attack as well as increasing the aggression of these insects.

Even wandering too close to a nest can provoke the wasps to sting as they are essentially protecting their home from an intruder. With so many wasps potentially within a small area and the extremely high risk factors involved, only a qualified wasp nest removal team can deal with the threat properly.

Stay Clear and Call the Experts

The first and foremost step to take in wasp control is by contacting our qualified wasp removal experts. It’s only the experts that are able to safely conduct wasp nest removal for homes and businesses, where assurances can be guaranteed for the protection of property and, most importantly, the protection of others.

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