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Wasp Control


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The Common Waspwasp nest removalThe most widespread wasp in the UK is the ‘common wasp’.The Manchester wasp will aggressively protect its nest and can sting multiple times with no ill effects to itself. They can also ‘call’ on other wasps from their colony using pheromones to assist with the attack! The Common Wasp is also known to sting if you merely get in its way.Manchester Wasps are social insects meaning they live in groups called ‘colonies’. These are made up of one queen and up to 10,000 workers. The nest is a grey/brown paper-like structure, made by the wasps chewing on wood fibres mixed with saliva. They choose sites such as underground holes made by small animals, or in lofts, roof spaces, eaves etc in buildings. The nest is comprised of cells, each one containing a single egg. Within a few weeks these eggs will have formed into female wasps who take over the nest building to allow the queen to continue solely laying eggs. Male wasps are the last to be produced. At the end of autumn all of the wasps will die except the queen, and her new young queens who go into hibernation for the following year.Unlike bees, Manchester wasps do not make honey. They do sip nectar and aid in pollination, but their main purpose is to eat other insects, therefore controlling their numbers.Easily recognisable by their black and yellow stripes and long mandibles. ]]>