Mining Bees

Manchester Mining Bees

Mining Bee at nest holeManchester Mining bees can also be known as Digger Bees or Lawn Bees

If you spot a bee digging in your garden or lawn then it is most likely to be a Manchester miner bee. They are ‘sub-social’ in that they don’t create colonies like bumblebees for example but they do live in the same place as related bees and pool resources such as food locations. They each rear their own young though which is more of a solitary bee characteristic.

They make their individual nests in gardens and lawns and these can be identified by a thin hole with a small pile of earth beside it. This bee can actually be beneficial to your lawn as their small holes can help aerate the lawn and help it to grow! They are also important for the eco-system with pollination activity.

Their appearance and size is very similar to the Honeybee, so identification is in their behavior rather than their look.

These bees rarely sting and when they do it is apparently very low on the sting pain chart!

These bees are only active for around 2-3 weeks per year!

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