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Effective Ant Pest Control

We understand that an ant infestation or a flying ant problem can be distressing for a property owner and that problems of this nature need to be eradicated quickly. Thus, we offer peace of mind throughout the whole infestation removal process; from the initial phone call illuminating the problem to the after care advice given by our team. We know how important it is for our cusomters to get their home or business back to reasonable working order after an ant problem. Our turnover times are normally extremely reasonable and we keep the customer informed of timings throughout the process.Ant Prevention ServicesIf you suspect an ant infestation or flying ant infestation in or outside your property, then never try and remedy the problem yourself, as it can actually make the situation worse. It is wise to leave the removal to the experts and observe the ongoing situation from a safe distance. You should keep a diary or note down any tell-take signs of an infestation.When you call us make sure that is tell us exactly where you think the infestation is. Upon relaying the relevant information, we will advise you on the best course of action. Firstly, we will ask you not to use any chemicals on the infestation and just to leave it alone. Secondly, we will organise a suitable time for us to come down to your property and analyse the problem.When We Come to Your PropertyWhen we arrive at your property, we will undertake an initial assessment regarding the cause and extent of the problem. This will allow us to inform you of the best course of action to take. All of our flying ant, garden ant and house ant packages are competitively priced. Usually, work undertaken will be completed in a matter of days, but some jobs may take longer dependant on the severity of the infestation.Nevertheless, we keep our customers abridged of the work we are doing and what we plan to do to eradicate an infestation. Garden ants and flying ants can be particularly problematic; however, we endeavour to solve all infestations to the best of our abilities.