Controlling masonry and miner bees

There are different kinds of bee species in Europe and among them are the Manchester masonry bees and miner bees. Their lifestyle tends to be different from that of others bee types since theirs is solitary; each one lives in its own nest thereby no colony exists. There’s however need for every homeowner to take some serious action once these bees start nesting around the home as they pose the danger of destruction. The best way to control their population is by use of Manchester pest control treatment.

Where the bees nest

Masonry bees mostly nest in walls, especially on mortar joints, stones, soft bricks and sometimes in timber holes that have been left behind by other insects. Miner bees on the other hand make burrows in the ground where they build their nests.

The best pest control method

Wasp control Manchester  professionals have the right treatment to handle your miner bees or mortar bees problem. Not only do they have the expertise, but also the experience needed.

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