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honey bee removal

Manchester Honey Bee Removal Service

Use Manchester Honey Bee Removal Service to Control Large Colonies The most commonly kept honey bee sub-species in the United Kingdom is the North European honey bee. While the pure sub-species is not normally aggressive, hybrids of this bee have a different nature and are more prone to attacking humans and animals. Pest control measures provided by a honey bee …

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minning bee

What Are Mining Bees?

Have you been in the garden lately while the sun has been out and noticed black and yellow insects digging into the ground well it may be mining bee’s some people call them digger bees, this harmless insects are what we call solitary bees unlike social bee like the honey bee which is controlled by a queen.  

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bumble bee removal

Bumble bee nest removal Manchester

The bumble bee is one of the most common types of bees in the world, so it’s no surprise that many people find themselves facing the problem of a bumble bee nest in their garden. While bees play an important part in our Eco-system, a bumble bee nest in close proximity to humans can have a number of serious implications. …

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Queen wasps are waking up!

  Over the past few days we have had a number of customers telling us they have found a real big wasp around there house, does this mean we have a wasp nest ? Well the answer is really simple No you don’t have a wasp nest as it’s too early in the year, each year queen wasps wake up …

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How to Identify Wasps in Manchester

If you think you may have a problem with a Manchester wasp infestation, you may wish to learn how to identify what type of wasp you’re dealing with. We’ll explain how in this article, but it’s important to stress that wasp nest removal should only be carried out by a pest control company, so call in the experts as soon …

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Using Professionals for Manchester Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps can be more than an annoyance and in large numbers can be a danger. Up to 10,000 can live in larger nests and they can become aggressive if disturbed. This makes Manchester wasp nest removal an important consideration for anyone that finds one in and around their property and it is best to leave this to the professionals Dangers …

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