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Wasp Control Manchester

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Manchester Wasp Nest Removal by Trained Professionals

Why is it When it Comes to Wasps You Can't Just Do it Yourself
The Problem of Wasp nests:

Having first-hand experience dealing with a wasp nest in my backyard I can tell you honestly first-hand that getting rid of their nest is deceivingly simple. It seems it is in their nature to persevere and work all night to rebuild their previously destroyed nest. It was NOT a good idea to spray the wasp nest every day to obliterate it and risk being stung in the process. A poor wasp control method for sure, as weeks later the wasps had simply rebuilt their nest for about the 30th time. It definitely appeared that they weren't going to give up anytime soon and it wasn't until their queen was killed that their colony fell apart and could no longer support itself in the sanctuary of our far from accommodating back yard roof. Take it from me, DON'T attempt to remove a wasp or bee nest yourself via DIY methods… it simply doesn't work and you probably won't get lucky enough to kill the queen and ruin the colony's future.

But What Exactly Can You Do About it?

Luckily, for you, there are professionals that can easily solve your wasp problem via wasp nest removal techniques that are proven to actually work and not just provide temporary relief for a couple of hours. To compare, if you were to just spray the nest with a concentrated stream of water the wasps would rebuild their entire nest by the next morning…working through the night if they needed to. The colony, as it is called, is composed of a queen who can support over 10,000 worker wasps making wasp control a complicated business. To make matters worst their nest are made of wasps chewing on wood fibres mixed with saliva and are literally filled with eggs that will eventually hatch and make your problem a million times worse. Wasps don't produce honey like their Bumble Bee counterparts and are easily recognizable by their black and yellow stripes and long mandibles. Lucky for you a single treatment in some areas has a Fixed Fee, an easily affordable service. In addition, workers can complete the task and you don't even have to leave your house as they come to you to complete the highly effective treatment. Coming fully-armed with insecticides, equipment, and protective gear. When dealing with wasps it is quite clear that protective gear is not only necessary but safe as well.

But What are the Dangers of a Wasp Nest to Your Health and Safety?

When it comes to wasps you don't want to mess with them. A single sting can be incredibly painful and to those allergic, it can also cause an Anaphylactic shock that can have potentially deadly consequences. The more stings you get the greater the risk, so it is important to remember that if you attempt a DIY wasp removal method, it may not work, but even more worrying is the fact that it can result in your untimely death. The wasp venom can become potent when taken in large amounts and it is worrying considering the fact wasps like to attack in numbers in a large swarm of sorts. Bumblebees and honey bees are also potentially dangerous, but wasps are really what you need to seriously worry about if they live nearby. They are pollinators, but they don't produce honey so they don't serve the additional purpose of providing honey to the public. They are easily agitated and won't hesitate to sting if they feel threatened. Even more concerning is the fact that unlike their honey-producing counterparts they don't die after stinging, so they can in theory sting you as many times as they want until their venom becomes potentially deadly to you.

Clearly, You Need to Deal with Your Wasp Problem as Soon as Possible…but what About Bumble and Honey Bees?

Wasps may be the most dangerous, but having a colony of either Bumble or Honey bees is not good either. Anaphylactic shock is still a very possible result to people diagnosed or undiagnosed with an allergy to their venom. Again it can be lethal to the general public as well, as large amounts impact the body in a very negative way. However, they aren't as bad as they are both pollinators and honey-producers. In addition, they don't seek out people to sting, as a single sting is enough to send them to an early grave. Knowing all this: both wasp nest removal and bumble and honey bee removal is an important service that should be performed by professionals as soon as the problem is discovered. Wasp nest removal and wasp control should definitely be left to the professionals, as DIY methods are neither effective nor safe.